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  • Losses in recession. If due to the current economic downturn your business is currently making a loss, there may be a way you can recover tax paid in the previous three years, please call if you would like more information.
  • Losses and Capital Allowances  If you are likely to make a trading loss in the current accounting year and there are no ligitamate ways to set the losses against other income, make sure that you talk to us before you invest and claim for new equipment, or make a claim for assets that you already own. For self employed tax payers claiming Capital Allowances can waste tax relief that can be more effectively claimed in future years.
  • Disposing of shares in an unquoted company at a loss? As long as you acquired the shares by subscription and not by transfer from an existing shareholder, you can elect to set the loss of capital invested against your income! Call us and we can arrange a claim.

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